Can I use my own car insurance, credit card insurance or excess insurance policy?

Spaceships Crew
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago

Spaceships offers three insurance levels:

  1. Stress-Free Insurance, the only option that provides full peace of mind while roadtripping in New Zealand.

  2. Partial Insurance, the insurance option that only has a reduced excess/bond but provides no extra cover

  3. Standard Insurance, this is the minimum cover that is included with all our campervans at no extra cost.

All details of these options are explained on the 'compare our campervan insurance options' page.

You can stay on the minimum cover aka Standard and use an external excess insurance policy, but keep in mind that:

  • It will only cover the bond & excess used in case of damages or an accident. We will still need to freeze $5,000 on your credit card for the duration of your trip as you will be travelling on Standard.

  • No excess insurance policy can replace our Stress-Free insurance option. They are two completely different products.

  • Not all excess insurance company providers cover campervans or sleeper vans. Please check with your excess insurance company provider before you decide to travel on standard and cover the excess via an external policy.

  • In case of damages, you will still pay for it via the bond which you then have to claim back from your excess insurance policy. This can take some time to resolve.

Our Stress-Free Insurance option is the most popular option for travellers as it reduces your bond to $0. It provides your vehicle with the maximum cover available, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday stress-free. It is the insurance option we highly recommend!

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