What currency is the price? Can I pay in my local currency?

Spaceships Crew
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago

Spaceships New Zealand is a New Zealand-based company so all prices are in New Zealand dollars (NZD) on the New Zealand websites. Therefore, all bookings, payments and refunds are in New Zealand Dollar.

Your bank or card company will convert your payment to the local currency. These institutions use their own custom conversion rate and they might charge foreign currency or overseas payment fees. Please contact your bank or card company to enquire about these things.

New in 2024: option to pay in your local currency

Spaceships New Zealand is testing and option to give you the customer more power over the currency used for the payment. You can choose to pay in New Zealand Dollars or in your own, local currency. This will be tested & rolled out for certain countries so it might not be available to all.

Our payment provider - the world-famous Stripe - will convert the payment amount from NZD to your local currency at a conversion rate set & guaranteed by them. A conversion fee will apply as well, which is all displayed on the check-out page,

You have the option to select payment in NZD or the local currency, if available. Sometimes it can be more affordable to pay in NZD and sometimes in your local currency. It all depends on the conversion rates and the fee charged by your bank or card company when paying in a foreign currency like NZD.

Your booking will always be in NZD, no matter the currency selected.

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