How many kilometres are included? Is it really unlimited?

Spaceships Crew
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago

Yes, all Spaceships come with unlimited kilometres/kilometers/miles.

At Spaceships, we include more for free. You can explore the outer space of New Zealand your way, you can drive as many kilometres as you like. No one wants to go from A to B in a straight line.

Fill in the dates you want to travel and see the prices & availability of each campervan category.

Spaceships campervans come with heaps included:

  • unlimited kilometres

  • 24-hour roadside assistance

  • sleeping gear: bed, comfy mattress, duvet + cover, sheets, pillows + cover

  • cooking gear, all the tools to create simple yet tasty road trip meals.

And we're clear and upfront about what we'll do for you in case there are issues on the road.
It's all part of Our Promises.

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