How to find my booking reference number? I lost/forgot my reference number.

Spaceships Crew
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago

If you have lost or forgotten this Spaceships reference number, just ask our friendly Kiwi Crew. They are more than happy to look it up and send it to you. No worries.

How to get a booking reference number? Where to find it?

You can get a quote - which locks in the price - and make a booking via our easy-to-use booking system. It will always give you the lowest available price for your date/route combo.

From that moment you will have a five-digit quote or booking reference number. That number unlocks all other online systems in the Spaceships Universe, for example, the Online Check-in Portal (open from the moment your booking is confirmed).

The booking reference number is shown on all communications from us, from the on-screen booking confirmation to the confirmation via email. It is a five digit number.

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