Can I use a hairdryer, hair-straightener or other 220V appliances or devices? Is there electricity?

Spaceships Crew
Last Updated: 1 week ago

You can only plug in a USB cable into the ports of your Spaceships campervan. There is no 220V power outlet.

But by adding a Gadget Charging Pack to your booking, you can charge or use electronic devices that need more power aka 220V power, like a laptop, hairdryer or hair-straightener. The Gadget Charging Pack contains a mains plug & cable that you can plug in at powered campsites. That way you'll have a 220V outlet that you can use to charge power-hungry devices or appliances.

Note: the mains plug can only be used at powered campsites! It doesn't plug into the vehicle but it plugs into the campsite's powerbox and the other end is connecting your laptop power cable. Just like at home. The Gadget Charging Pack can be added to any Spaceships campervan.

If you don't add this accessory to your booking, you can camp at unpowered campsites.

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