Do Spaceships Self-Contained Campervans have a green sticker and comply with the new self-contained rules?

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Last Updated: 3 weeks ago

As of 7 December 2024, our self-contained campervans will evolve to meet the Green Warrant requirements, equipped with a fixed toilet.

When you book a Spaceships Self-Contained Campervan, you'll get a certified self-contained campervan at pick-up. Guaranteed! So that means a campervan certified according the blue warrant rules before 7 December 2024 and according to the green warrant rules on and after 7 December 2024.

You won't need to swap vehicles if your road trip takes place around the switch date. No worries.

When you book a Self-Contained Campervan at Spaceships you'll get a Self-Contained Campervan at pick-up, no matter the time of the year. As rental company we'll make sure that our vehicles comply with the current rules & regulations.

The Spaceships Beta 2S Self-Contained is Certified Self-Contained according to the Blue Warrant rules until 7 December 2024
The Spaceships Beta 2S Self-Contained Campervan will be Certified Self-Contained according to the Green Warrant rules from 7 December 2024

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